The Mix Morning Show with Mike & Nicole found some crazy story about a guy who has people send him USED Air Jordan's and then he films it.


This is CRAZY! First..why in the world would you send Jordan's to anyone those things are priceless, and two film it? So that got us thinking...our 12 listeners are some of the best in the Treasure Valley, so why not do exactly this for them. We want you to send us what ever you want for us to open live on the air and then we film it and post it up on our YouTube page.

What ever you would like to send us we will do exactly what this guy did. Open it..and give our reviews..and BOOM. What ever you decide to send it it then becomes property of the Mix Morning Show and Mix 106. If you are sending an item from a business please list the name of the business and location.

Send to 827 E. Park BLVD C/O Mix Morning Show "OPEN MY STUFF", Boise Idaho 83704

Make sure that its wrapped so we can open it just like a present. If you can't send it by mail feel free to drop it off at the studio. It can be new, used, old, broken what ever. :)

Please do NOT SEND: Food, Drugs, Or Illegal items ie knifes, guns etc. No battery operated boyfriends. Once we start getting items keep checking out pages for the videos. - JD