My grandma, Si, used to have a garage sale every Memorial Day weekend at the lake cabin where she lived in rural Nebraska, and people came from all over to sift through the treasures.  It was one of those block-party garage sales, so dozens of other houses nearby sold stuff out of their garages too.  It was fun!  I cleaned out my room as a teen and sold as much stuff at the sale as I could.  People snatched up my old Olivia Newton John and Eddie Rabbit cassettes.  Stop doing the math...I'm not that old.

Grandma put some delightful little trinkets on a net-less ping pong table and sold them for 5, 10, or 25 cents each.  Like used frozen dinner trays that had been washed and stacked on top of each other.  Who in the heck would buy that stuff after someone ate fried chicken and microwaved pudding off of it?!  Lake people in Nebraska who needed a plastic plate with dividers in it, that's who!  Haha!  I still marvel at that. Grandma would also rake in the quarters selling stacks of old National Geographic Magazines and packets of jelly that she lifted from restaurants and never used.  My granny was a thrifty thing, and had quite a bit of money when she died...probably from her genius ability to market her wares at these garage sales.

If you find any grape jelly packets tomorrow at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale, be sure and let me know!  You and I will honor my late Grandma's memory together.

Bring the kids to Expo Idaho tomorrow because there will be Astro Jumps and a kids play area so they'll have fun, and you can treasure hunt in peace.  Leave the dog at home though; no pets.

It's only $3 to get in!  So bring a little cash to spend and you can walk away with clothes, yard art, wall hangings, and more.

Garage-salers get up early, so it's happening from 7am to 6pm Saturday at Expo Idaho, at Glenwood and Chinden.  We'll see you tomorrow!  I know you'll walk away with things way better than used frozen dinner trays.  Good luck.