We all have seen them as we make our way though life her in the Treasure Valley. It can happen with men or women. It's resting bitch face or "RBF" for short. Scientist have now discovered a reason for "RBF"

Michael Loccisano

Queen Elizabeth has it, so does Kanye West.  It's "resting bitch face".  It's the practice of some people to be able to look bitchy, without even trying   In an article published in the Washington Post, a group of scientists decided to find out why some people suffer from RBF and others don't have that problem.  Is it on purpose, is it just the way they look?

Think about some of your friends.  We all have some one in our group of friends that we would accuse of having RBF


Click on the link below and learn why it happens.  It only takes a few minutes and if you are one of those accused of having RBF, maybe this article can help...We don't have till the 12 of never to cure RBF.

The next step..I'm thinking a telethon of some sort



Brad Wilson, Getty Images