I have always held the belief that mother nature takes care of herself. For the past decade scientists and politicians have been screaming that humans are making the world too hot to live.  Global warming would be human's downfall. Well, not so soon Einstein.

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Yes the world is warming. Yes our Oceans have risen, and yes our glaciers have been going away. I'm not a scientist, but I have always thought that the earth's heating and cooling cycles were all cyclical, and that our current global warming trend would come to an end some day. Hopefully before the end of the world.

Looks like our current trend of heat will soon be coming to an end.  Not only will it end, but we may be headed for another mini Ice age, if the Solar physicists and other scientists are correct.

Based on a history of sun activity over the past few thousand years, beginning in about 2030 we are headed toward a really big cooling trend.  Similar to what the world saw in the 1600s that brought famine to Europe and blizzards to central United States as late as August.  Think about it.  A blizzard in Ohio in the month of August? And only over 400 years ago.

Scientists are predicting that the sun will go into a type of hibernation with less sun spots and solar flares, that will ultimately cool down the earth by 5 to 10 degrees or more.  That doesn't seem like much, but it would cause the reformation of glaciers, snow lasting on mountain tops throughout the summer.  The last time this happened (and it's happened cyclically for as long as records have been kept) the River Thames in London was frozen solid.

Meanwhile some scientists still say if we don't stop using carbon fuels the world will still have global warming. The only difference is that in 15 years they'll be saying it with their puffy coats on.