While I am not a runner, I do sometimes wish I could be. For those who maybe don't really dive into the world of out door exercise, ie running here is something to think about. Doing it outside not only gets you in touch with the amazing scenery that Idaho has to offer you could be running down nationally known track/event.

John Foxx

The Pacific Northwest is known for so many great adventures and one of them is in our very own backyard. And it's Freaky Fast. We aren't talking like Jimmy Johns freaky fast, but its' called the Freaking Fast Marathon. Every September people actually come to Idaho to take part in this event that combines the city running of asphalt and the ups downs and cray cray treks of hard mountain running. With 2,000 feet of negative elevation change it is a challenge to every type of running. According to Men's Health the Freaking Fast Marathon ranks at #7 on the list of top 10 Easiest Marathon in the county. What are the other easiest...you will have to see for yourself. Get this one down and move on to the next.