How much would these popular and elaborate sitcom apartments cost in real life? And could their fictional inhabitants ever afford them?

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    Location: West Village | Cost today: $4,500/month (at least!)

    Monica allegedly inherited the airy, colorful two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment she shares with Rachel at the beginning of the series from her grandmother. Given Monica’s profession as a chef, Rachel’s as a waitress, it’s safe to assume they could never afford prices for a pad that spacious if they were paying market rent.

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    Location: Upper West Side | Cost today: $3,400/month

    Jerry Seinfeld’s bachelor pad was a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with an open kitchen and room for a dining table and a small home office in the living room. This fictional building was a stone’s throw from the American Museum of Natural History between Columbus and Amsterdam avenues on the Upper West Side.

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    Will and Grace

    Location: Upper West Side | Cost: $6,750/month

    Will and Grace shared a giant two-bedroom, two-bathroom place with outdoor space. The living room is especially spacious, with a separate alcove for a reading nook.

    In real life, their exact unit, 9C, is but a mere one-bedroom that last rented in 2013 for $4,095. The last two-bedroom pad to rent there had just one bathroom and leased for $5,595. The only other apartments with two bathrooms have three bedrooms (and rented for about $8,000 a month in recent years), but the square footage is probably comparable to Will and Grace’s pad.

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    How I Met Your Mother

    Location: Upper West Side | Cost: $3,000/month

    The two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment where Ted, Marshall, Lily and Robin all live at different points during the series is on the Upper West Side, but no real address is ever disclosed. It’s common knowledge that they live above their local watering hole, MacLaren’s, which is based on a real pub.

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    The Big Bang Theory

    Location: Pasadena, CA | Cost: $2,000/month

    Sheldon and Leonard live in Apartment 4A. A two-bedroom, one-bathroom with a giant living room and open kitchen, in a building with a perennially broken elevator not far from the university where they work.

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