I rarely see a food truck moving. It's always just parked there, waiting for me to come up and order something yummy to shove in my face. These trucks do move though and there is a food truck race!

This Saturday is the first ever Idaho Food Festival with tons of food trucks and food wagons at the corner of 6th and Grove in downtown Boise. Now I don't want to mislead you. There will not be any racing going on. Everyone knows a truck can smoke a wagon in a race! Duh! Plus I don't feel like running after my food. That is one of the many things I love about food trucks, there are parked and ready to feed me!

Now back to the race, I did happen to enter Food Truck into my search engine and what should appear...Food Truck Race.. Sweet I thought! I am not into car racing but watching a food truck race could be quite comical! Then I watched the video and realized it's more of a Survivor/Amazing Race competition involving food trucks that airs on Food Network. I am not a fan of reality TV but there is something about watching mouth watering foods come out of a food truck that grab my attention. In such a small space and yet the most amazing food is created! I spent many Saturday night's in my late twenties with a food truck that happened to be parked outside my favorite bar at the time. Those street tacos were to die for! And at times much more appetizing then what the bar had to offer inside.

This Saturday at the Idaho Food Festival you could come up with your own race. How many food trucks and wagons can you sample before there is no room left in your belly? Will you partaking in a craft beer while sampling or saving that for dessert after you are done? Don't forget the funnel cakes though!

See you Saturday!