Here's a simple quick quiz that will tell you what your biggest fears are.

It's a quick easy personality quiz that lets you choose from different pictures to help identify what your biggest fear is.  Click on the button bar below to take the quiz


I took the test and this was my result:

"Based on the images that scared, spooked and disgusted you in this quiz, you are subconsciously an independent, free spirit terrified of intimacy! You can't think of anything more terrifying than being tied down. Commitment sends shivers down your spine and there aren't any two words that worry you more than "serious" and "relationship". You need the freedom to do your own thing and because you're so awesome, doing your own thing makes everyone else around you happy. Don't worry, you really can have it all. Intimacy doesn't have to mean losing yourself"

This might come as news to my wife.  But I have to admit, before I met her, it was totally true.