My friend has tried everything on the market to quit smoking. Nothing worked. Then she found this app and has been smoke free ever since!

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Ever since I met my friend, she's been trying to quit smoking. That was almost a decade ago. Every New Years Resolution includes quitting. Every product on the market, she's tried.

I honestly thought a month ago when she was talking about wanting to quit again while at the same time puffing away, she would always be a smoker. I wanted to help, but me telling her to just use her will power and stop were wasted words. I've never smoked a cigarette. I have no idea how to relate to the internal battle that she struggles with on a daily basis.

Then the other day we were catching up after not seeing each other for a few weeks and she announced she quit smoking. Of course I'd heard this before. But I could tell something was different this time. She found an app that tracks how many days she has been smoke free, how much money she's saved and her health benefits. She was most excited about that part. It told her, her circulation is improving and walking is becoming easier and so on. For the first time in our friendship I honestly believe she has quit smoking for good!

Download the QUIT IT App and stop smoking. Good Luck!