If you've listened to The Mike and Kate Showgram in the past, you've heard about the ghost that Mike thinks is in his house.  A lot of things have happened over the years that couldn't be explained, but apparently now there is an Angel in the house based on this crazy thing that happened.

Pablo Clark, Thinkstock

Recently our 17 year old son, Corbin, was taking a shower, and while in the shower he heard something drop behind him in the shower.  He looked down and saw a penny.  He didn't think anything of it at the time, thinking that it was just stuck to his body somehow. He just picked it up and put it on the shelf in the shower.

Two days later he heard another penny drop behind him while taking a shower.  He just assumed the penny he'd picked up a few days earlier had fallen off the shelf again.  Nope, that penny was still there, this was an entirely new penny.  So either pennies had started falling out of his body somehow, or something else was going on.  Keep in mind he was alone in the house at the time.

So we began to do a little research to see what pennies suddenly appearing out of thin air could mean and were surprised to learn that an angel was trying to let you know that they are around watching over you.

"Don't pass by that penny, when you're feeling blue. It may be a penny from heaven that an angel tossed to you"-Charles Marshburn

Below is a more in depth blog on what pennies appearing out of nowhere mean.

So even though I still believe we have some sort of ghost in our house, I think this is totally something completely different.