With the holidays smack dab in our face, that means family is coming to visit or you may be living on Sofa City while visiting the loved ones that drive you crazy. My friend mentioned to me that she and her husband got into a wicked fight about a tiny detail when it comes to having company stay over. Maybe they aren't the only ones who fight about this slippery issue....The big question is, when company comes to stay do you put a new bar of soap in the shower for them? As a woman, I say heck yes! If I am coming over to your house and have to use your shower, I don't want to rub your bar of soap even in my hands if I have the slightest idea that you rubbed it anywhere on your body. Ewww. My girlfriend couldn't agree with me more. But her husband says that is ridiculous. Soap cleans itself. It is already clean when you pick it up. Even if all that is left is a sliver of soap, it is still clean because it's soap and that's it's job. I don't care how clean that bar is, it still touched your special parts, it was still in your armpit, your belly, your backside and wherever else you wash. And what if there was a hair stuck in it before I arrived and all you did was pull the hair out? No way do I want to put that bar of soap on my delicate skin :)

The best part of all of this is that my friends really got into a tiff about this ridiculous soap. After I got done taking her side and telling her she is not coo-coo for fighting with her hubby over soap, I made one suggestion....."Why not just put a bottle of body wash in the shower and liquid soap by the sink?" And that's how the fight ended. THE END.