A growing number of guys apparently are discovering the comfort of women's style lingerie underwear, so a company called Homme Mystere in Australia has launched a new line of lingerie made especially for men.

The company is selling lace-trimmed boxers, briefs, bikini briefs, suspenders, racy thongs and even bras. The lingerie looks like women’s underwear, except it's made for men, to fit their specific curves and bulges.  Also things like bras are made for a broader body.

And the company said that it's not made for cross dressers, transgenders or gay men.  It's made for all men. Homme Mystere says: “A growing number of guys are discovering the comfort and silkiness of lightweight lingerie style underwear.

They claim their target consumer is a “male, married and older than 40 and his taste is impeccable. He has discerning taste in underwear and wants luxury garments, but does not need to show it off to others.

He wants something new and exciting to buy.”


Ladies would you want your man wearing this style of lingerie for you?  Would you buy it for him?