Today on Other People's Problems a man's boss has made a request of him. The man though feels it's more like a demand and that he has no option. Read the entire email here.

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Mike & Kate-
I have no idea who to ask for advice on this. I never thought I would be the guy to need OPP help but I do.
I work for a mom and pop company in the valley. It's a family business and I'm one of the few employees who is not related. I work very closely with the owner. Last week he came to me and asked if I would expense something for him. I couldn't imagine what he would need me to expense since he owns the company.
He asked me to expense a trip to Portland the weekend before. When I asked him why he just wouldn't do it since it's his company and his wife handles the books, he gave me a look and said, "this is the kind of trip that wives wouldn't understand." He explained that he told his wife that I needed him to come with me to meet with a new client but that I was the one who arranged the trip and it was my client.
I told him to just cover the cost of his "weekend" with his own money and forget about getting it covered by the business. He said his wife would be on to him if she didn't see an expense report for everything since he already lied to her.
Apparently he paid for everything in cash and even went as far as to use my name when he checked into the hotel. He had this really planned out!
I'm so mad that I have been dragged into this mess. I've been married for 20 years and pride myself on that fact that honest has kept my marriage in tact all these years.
I have worked for this company for 14 years. It's a great job. I have great benefits. I love what I do. And I normally love the people I work with.
If I refuse my boss, I risk getting fired. I can't go to HR because that is my boss' wife. There really is no one in a position of power in this company that is not related to my boss and wouldn't be affected personally if I rat him out.
What should I do? Do I risk my job or tarnish my integrity and expense this trip and involve myself in this mess?

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