On Other People's Problems, a woman has been asked to raise her nieces and nephews. Her husband doesn't think it's a smart idea. How do you say no to family?

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Mike & Kate-
I'm married with 4 children ages 14-5. I work part time at my children's school. My husband owns his own business and works full time.
My little sister and her husband were arrested last year on drug charges. They were just sentenced to 10 years in prison. Well they were sentenced to more time but they are eligible for parole in 10 years. My brother in law has actually been in jail for the last two years on another charge and the investigation led them to my sister who was arrested last year. It's been a nightmare. They have three children ages 9, 6 and 2.
Here is my problem. My sister asked me to become the children's legal guardian. I want to take them in. They are innocent in all of this. They are helpless victims who have parents that make really bad decisions. My husband doesn't think we should. It's not that he doesn't love them. He is just being practical. We have struggled financially for the last 7 years as have a lot of people. That's why I went back to work. If I were to describe our financial situation, I would say, we get buy each month.
But these kids are family. You shouldn't even think twice about it. They need a home, we have a home. We will figure out the rest. My husband is thinking about it more logically. Thinking about food budgets and insurance. I told him we will find a way. He says this could bankrupt us.
My sister has a family friend who is a single woman in her 50s that said she can take them in if we can't. This woman's last child at home is a senior and will graduate next year. But she lives in Twin Falls.
I think these kids have been through enough. They don't need to move and go to new schools and try and make new friends. My husband says that might be good for them to get a fresh start.
Shouldn't these kids stay with family? I couldn't live with the guilt that we turned them away. My husband says we would be sacrificing our children's livelihood to help our nieces and nephews. What should we do?

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