Today's issue for Other People's Problems has to do with your Mother-In-Law wanting to photo-bomb your Christmas card? Do you put your foot down or do you cave?

Mike and Kate,

I got married earlier this year. My husband is an amazing man. We dated for two years before we got married. I will admit he is a bit of a mama’s boy. Not too bad. There are a few moments I thought I would lose my mind, but when I thought about I realized that was all small stuff compared to a life with this amazing man! This will be our first Christmas as a married couple. I was so excited to send out Christmas cards as Mr and Mrs. I had a few ideas for our card, maybe a picture from our honeymoon or in front of our tree or even your idea of doing an awkward family photo. Last week we were planning all this when my husband told me that his mom was going to be in our picture so we couldn’t do anything but the photo in front of the tree. Apparently his mom is in his brother’s family Christmas card each year. I guess I never noticed this because we didn’t live together until we got married. I will be straight up honest. I don’t want his mom in our Christmas card. My husband doesn’t see anything weird about this. I said that his Mom should do her own car with the entire family and send that out. Not photo bombing each individual family. Then the other day she called me asking what day we would be taking the photo this past weekend. My husband and I got into a huge fight about this. More me than him. He doesn’t understand why I am upset. We ended up not doing the photo. I still want to, with just us. He said it’s always been this way. Apparently until he married me, the two of them would do a photo card and then she would do a photo card with the brother’s family. Does anyone else think this is weird? Am I being ridiculous? I feel if I cave now, I will forever have his mom in all my Christmas cards. I think now is the time to hold my ground. Please advise.

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