A father just learned that his young teenage daughter is wearing a pair of panties that he thought only adult women wore. His wife doesn't understand why he's upset.

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Mike & Kate-
I need help in figuring out if I am freaking out for no reason or if my wife has lost her mind.
Last weekend I was helping my wife fold the laundry and saw a lacy thong and pulled it out making a smart ass comment about how I couldn't wait to see my wife in those later. She started laughing and said, "Those aren't mine. Those belong to our 13 year old daughter. " After throwing up a little in my mouth I asked her why in the world our daughter who is in 7th grade is wearing a lacy thong. She told me that our daughter has asked her to buy her some. My wife took this situation as bonding moment with our daughter. She is our oldest. We have 2 younger girls. Why would a 13 year girl need lacy panties that are usually worn to impress your partner. My 13 year old daughter better not have a partner and especially one that would have access to her lace thong. I told my wife that I think we are sending our very impressionable daughter the wrong message. She does not need to wearing sexy panties until she moves out of the house and I never have to see them in the laundry. My wife says that she felt honored that our daughter felt comfortable enough to talk to her about this. She says the safety of our home is were our children experiment with things. The problem is that she is wearing these panties outside the house. I worry that she will start feeling sexy and that will lead to her to starting to act sexy. My wife says I'm overreacting. Who is right? I would love to hear from other parents  of teenage girls. At what age is it appropriate to start wearing a thong?

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