On Other People's Problems today a woman received a gift from her boss. She doesn't know how to handle the situation in fear of losing her job.


Mike & Kate-
Last week I came into work and found three dozen roses and chocolates on my desk. I had no idea who they were from because there was no card. Of course I got excited thinking my ex boyfriend had a change of heart. Then my boss stopped into my office and said, did you like my gift? I was stunned. I just smiled and said, "yes, they're gorgeous. Thank you." I had no idea my boss felt this way about me. He has never acted like that before. All I could think was that he had some holiday epiphany and decided to be honest about his feelings. His family owns our company. We don't really have an HR department. His sister in law handles the accounts and payroll from her house. I love my job. I have full benefits and occasionally get overtime. Plus I'm a single mom who desperately needs the money. My daughter's father can not be counted on. I don't know what to do. If I accept the gift it will send the wrong message. If I don't accept it, will he be so uncomfortable that he will find a way to fire me. I know Idaho is a right to work state. How should I handle this?

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