On Other People's Problems, a woman needs advice about her current relationship. Everything is perfect with this man. The only catch is that he is her professor.

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Mike & Kate-
I am about to start my sophomore year of college. Due to my work schedule I had to take a summer class because that was the only time I could fit it in. The class started at the end of May and went for 6 weeks. I liked the class from the start because the professor was so great and so engaging. It was a small class so we all got to know each other pretty well. From the moment I walked into the class I made a connection with this professor. It was like lightning. It was instant and he felt it too. I made excuses to stay after class for help and then after the class ended we started meeting for coffee and from there it turned into the most amazing relationship I have ever had. He is the man I have been dreaming about. The school has a very strict policy about professor's dating students so we were very careful about where we went on dates. Normally we just have dinner at his place and spend weekends out of town. I think I am falling in love with this man. He is 42. Divorced. No kids. I am 19 and obviously no kids and never married. But like I said we have a connection that unreal. Two weeks ago we were out of town. We were camping about 3 hours from Boise and when we stopped in the nearby town for gas we ran into a student who was in my class. It was pretty awkward but I figured since class was over there was nothing to worry about. Then a few days after that I got a Facebook message from this person claiming they were going to report us to the college. She said, "I know how you got your A." I wrote back explaining that we were just friends. She didn't care and said that the college has a strict policy that students can't date professors even if they are not currently in class together. "It's an abuse of power on his part. It's wrong," she wrote. He is a teacher in the college I am majoring in. I haven't said anything to him about these messages because I am afraid he will break things off with me in fear of losing his job. I think if this girl was going to report us, she already would have done so. I'm not sure what her motivation is. She just seems like a goody-goody who can't handle anyone breaking the rules. Should I try and beg her not to report us? Ignore her? Tell my professor/boyfriend what is going on and risk losing him? I love this man. I don't want to let go.

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