It's Prom season and one parent is struggling with a big decision for her daughter who is a senior. It has nothing to do with the dress or limo.

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Other People's Problems April 15th, 2014

Mike & Kate-My 18 year old daughter asked me if she could stay at a hotel on prom night with her boyfriend. Her friend's parents have rented them rooms and she wants to be a part of the fun. I trust my daughter but I'm not sure about some of her friends. I understand that I need to be a parent FIRST and a friend SECOND. Should I rent her a room or not? She is 18. She has been dating this boy for about a year and a half. We have had the talk about waiting to have sex until marriage. I am pretty confident that she has not lost her virginity. She says it's about being with her friends for one last hurrah and not about sleeping with her boyfriend. The other parents did this for their daughters last year so to them, it's no big deal. Can you ask other parents what they did when confronted with this situation?

Mother in need of advice.

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