A husband is struggling with how invasive his wife's multi-level marketing business is becoming. It's starting to ruin relationships and is even causing trouble between the two of them. Is there a solution?

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Mike & Kate-
I need some advice. My lovely wife of 12 years and 3 kids has decided to start an in home business. She went to a friend's party a couple months ago and came home with her mind made up that she would start a similar business. It is a multi level marketing business. I thought it was a great idea. We don't need the money but my wife really loves the work and seems really happy. The problem is how she is going about building her business. She has no shame in approaching everyone. Both sides of our family have been guilted into buying product. I can promise you, my parents would never use this stuff but wanted to be supportive. I didn't have a problem with family but now it's gone out of control. If we are out with friends, she immediately starts in with her sales pitch. It makes for a very uncomfortable situation. When you are out to dinner with friends you aren't expecting a sales pitch. At our bible study she will bring it up. All our kids friend's parents have been approached. The one that sent me over the edge was two weeks ago at one of my work functions. I found her husseling my boss and other managers. It was humiliating. I tried to tell her there is a time and place for all of this, but my work function is not it. Her argument is always the same, you never know where you are going to meet the next sale. She claims it's networking. I am trying to convince her that there is a time and place for that. My sister then called me and said that she just couldn't afford to buy the product anymore and that my wife just won't leave her alone about it. My wife keeps telling her she could afford it if she started her own business selling it. We have a family reunion coming up in July and I got a call from a cousin who said they are thinking of not coming because they don't want to be pressured all weekend to buy her stuff. I am also thinking of not telling my wife about the company picnic next month. I am worried she will be "selling" to everyone there. But if she found out I didn't tell her she would be so hurt. Our friends are suddenly busy every time we want to spend time with them. Our kid's friends aren't coming around as much. My dad even asked me to talk to her. I love her passion and he drive but how to I explain to her that this is not the way to build a business and that most people have a really bad taste in their mouth over pyramid schemes, I mean multi-level marketing. My wife just won't listen to me. She is blinding by the idea of making a million dollars.