On Other People's Problems today, what is appropriate carpool chatter? One mom is upset over the topic of conversation that another mom has with the kids. What would you do?

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Mike & Kate-
I'm a single mom of a 6 year old little girl. She started first grade this month. I have to be to work early in the morning and was able to find a car pool group for her. I pick up the kids from school twice a week. One of the moms who takes my daughter to school drives twice a week has an unusual practice on the way to school. She has the kids listen to an audio book of bible readings from her church. This woman and her family practice a different religion that my daughter and I. I only found out about this on Sunday when I took my daughter to church and she started asking me questions and telling me that certain things we talk about a church "are wrong, because that is not what Emily's mom told us." I found out that "Emily's Mom" is using the 15 minute drive to school to have my daughter and two other neighborhood kids listen to these bible verses and then this mom discusses them with the kids. Her beliefs are different from ours. I realized on Sunday this is confusing my daughter. I have chosen to raise her in our church, whatever she decides to do at 18 with her religious beliefs is up to her. But for now, I am making the decisions. I called the mom yesterday and she told me that "when she drives that is the topic in the car. When I drive, I can pick the topic." I tried to explain to her how inappropriate her pushing her religious views on my child are. She said she is offering her "an alternative view." My daughter is 6. She doesn't need an alternative view.  This is my first car pool. It took me all summer to find one in our neighborhood since our kids go to a charter school. I don't have any other choices. I am curious if this is normal with other carpools? Am I'm being too closed minded? I'm worried if I pull my daughter out of this carpool, she will have trouble with the kids at school. I don't want this to affect my daughter in anyway. This is a parental issue. Any suggestions would really help.


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