This guy really likes this woman. But she forgot to tell him one important piece of information. His question is, should he stay...or go?

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Other People's Problems January 28th, 2014

Mike & Kate-

I have been dating a wonderful woman for the past two months. I really don’t count the first month because of the holidays and how crazy it was. We didn’t spend a ton of time together. Since then we have spent more time together and I really like her. Over the weekend we went to dinner with two of her friends, a married couple. During the meal the wife said, "isn't her daughter so cute." Daughter? I never knew. She had never mentioned it. I knew she was divorced but she never told me they had a child together!  On the ride home she was very apologetic saying she was waiting for the right  time. She was afraid I might think a child was too much baggage. I said I was really disappointed that she didn’t give me a chance to make up my own mind and for thinking so little of me. She then broke down and cried and said that she didn’t have primary custody of her daughter. She only sees her every other weekend and it’s killing her. She said she is so embarrassed because what mother doesn’t have majority of the custody. Apparently after they separated she went kind of wild with her girlfriends and was partying every time she didn’t have her daughter. Her ex used those photos that were posted on Facebook to paint her as an unfit mother and he got 65% custody. She is working really hard to prove to the courts she is a good mother. She is also saving up to take her ex back to court but her lawyer advised her to give it a year to show she is not a party girl.

My brother told me I need to dump her. He said if she can lie about a kid then she must be hiding other secrets. But I have to admit I'm really torn. She is an amazing person. But who doesn’t share that they have a kid. Especially since we are both in our 30s?



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