This woman's son was attacked and now her husband is doing something that she feels is not supportive of her son and the family. Is he a traitor?

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Other People's Problems May 6th 2014

In February my 22 year old son was robbed while working, he chased the 3 men who then beat him severely with a rock and choked him. The police quickly arrested them. 2 have bonded out and 1 is still in jail.  Through some odd events that same weekend it came to our knowledge that one of the men, “the one that beat our son in the head with a rock repeatedly till passing out, and then continuing to beat him” was an ex-coworker of a family friend of 22 years.

Our family friend, lets call him Butch, told us that the one defendant used to work for him but had not seen in a year or more.  Over the months while the case gets ready for court my husband has told Butch how things are progressing, what the prosecution says, steps and procedures along the way, things our son has said….

One day I got a call. The call is from the prosecutors office. In this conversation I learn that “our dear family friend” has not only paid for the lawyer to defend the rock beater, but he also paid to get his truck from the impound yard, is paying his truck payments while this defendant was fired from his job after the case being broadcast on the news and is still sitting in jail. Now, Butch, the dear family friend, never mentioned to our family that he was “supporting” the defendant.

I told my husband about the conversation with the prosecution and so he texted Butch. Butch replied that the defendant “is like a son to him…” so he felt he needed to help him.

I adamantly told my husband that Butch is no longer a friend of the family. Not welcome at our home and honestly would not mind airing his dirty laundry.  To my surprise I have found that I was wrong. My husband and Butch are still friends. And my husband defends it saying that Butch is not the one that nearly killed our son, why get angry with him???
I feel so very betrayed by both Butch, a friend of years and years, who betrayed my husband, my son, our family, lied to us by deceit, and is supporting a felon that in my eyes tried to kill our son. But now, for my husband to remain friends with Butch. He says they have good business relationships and that Butch has been a good friend over the years.  Butch owns a tree service as do we and I feel all ties with the snake should be cut.  My husband says I am over reacting, but is it possible to over react in this situation?  Am I wrong in thinking  that this man is no friend of the family and honestly my husband is a traitor?

As for our son, physically he has healed. He had head trauma, concussion, multiple bruises, chipped tooth, bumps, broken blood vessels, and of course I am concerned about any long term effects. He is seeing a counselor to help with the anxiety and emotional trauma.

Please help