Today's Other People's Problem comes from a woman who is getting very mixed messages from a co-worker. It seems like they are dating but he wouldn't call it that.

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Mike & Kate-I'm writing in because I need some clarity on my current love situation. I work with a guy who is really awesome. We get along fantastic we laugh we have fun together we love all the same music movies and sports. We hang out every day at work, we eat lunch every day at work together, after work we text all day until we fall asleep. On the week ends he invites me to do stuff with him. Like hang out with him and his friends, watch movies, go to lunch of dinner and He even always pays for me. So it really sounds like he likes me right? Well I went to DTF ( define the relationship) with him and he says to me I don't date co workers. I've done it in the past and it's just not a good idea. Now to be fair I'm getting divorced and it's not final yet so I'm not sure if that's the issue? But even after he totally said he did not want to be my boyfriend he still continues to call me and invite me to stuff and basically treat me like we are dating except one other thing. He's not using me for sex because we've never even kissed. So basically he's using me as his suto girl friend and I don't get it. He tells me he cares about me and his actions show he does buy how well he treats me. He buys me tons of stuff and takes me on dates But he will do nothing sexual with me. At all! I'm so confused and no he's not gay. I even asked him if he was. Is he just lonely and needs a friend but doesn't want to commit or is it that because he's super into working out (180 lb and muscles) I'm over weight (200lbs) I think it might be that he loves hanging out but my body isn't what he's looking for. He's said have wants to do sexual stuff with me but doesn't want to break his dating co workers rule. I've never met a man like this. Please help. I know if a guy doesn't want a sexual relationship with you it means he doesn't like u but why continue to take me out and spoil me and basically date me with no perks it makes no sense at all and goes against every thing I know about guys. Please help !!!!!

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