After 17 years of marriage a woman has discovered that her husband is bisexual. She wants to know if they can continue being married. Can a straight person be married to a bisexual person and have a monogamous marriage?

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Other People's Problems-April 1st 2014

Mike & Kate, Help!
I am absolutely devastated! My husband and I have been married for 17 years,
and we've had what I feel is a very good marriage. Our daughter will be
heading off to college this summer. The other night my husband sat me down
for a "serious talk". I couldn't imagine what might be bothering him, but
BOY was I ever bowled over! He told me that he is, and always has been,
bisexual... and that his true leaning is toward men! He assured me that
he's never acted on it while we've been married. He said he's just bringing
it up since our daughter will soon be leaving the nest and he's letting me
make the decision of what we should do. We have a terrific married life,
and he agrees. He said he would never cheat on me with another woman, and
if I insist that he continue to repress "the other side", he will. But
it's almost like he's asking my permission to have relations with men.
How am I supposed to make that decision?? Can I ever trust him now that
it's out in the open? Is anyone else married to a bisexual person? Can a relationship work if there is a straight person married to a bisexual person?

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