A woman is debating telling her friend that she slept with her soon to be groom. She is struggling with the decision to keep quiet or come clean with her friend.

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Other People's Problems April 22nd, 2014

Mike & Kate-My best friend lives in Houston where I am from. She got engaged last fall. I haven't been home in a few years. My parents usually come to Boise to see me. I was finally able to get home for their engagement party a couple of weeks ago. This was the first time I met the groom or so I thought. I have seen his picture on her Facebook page and he looked familiar but it never clicked until we met in person. We both instantly recognized each other. 5 years ago I was home for a week and met this man at a bar. We ended up having a one night stand. I thought nothing of it until the engagement party. Neither one of us said anything to my best friend. We both knew it was not the right place. I am the maid of honor in their wedding. Do I say something to my friend? I want to say she seems like a confident woman, but who knows how any bride to be would handle this type of news. My worry is that should would hear the news from someone else. The night I slept with the soon to be groom, we were both with friends, some who are still part of our circle. What if it comes out later? Or is it not a big deal because she didn't even know him then? They started dating 3 years after the one night stand. I am guessing guys won't think this is a big deal but to some woman this is a HUGE deal. I keep trying to put myself in her shoes and I get stuck so I thought you and your 12 listeners could help. Do I tell her before the wedding? Do I not tell her at all? Do I tell her after the wedding?

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