A woman who is 4 months pregnant has a secret about her unborn baby. Help her decided if she shares the secret or keeps quiet.

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Mike & Kate-

I have been married for 8 years. I am pregnant with my third child. My other two children are 7 and 3. This child though is not my husband's. Last March I started having an affair with a man I met through my job. It started out as just work emails and then it progressed from there. In June we started sleeping with each other and eventually fell in love. My husband and I were having a very rough time when I met this man. I honestly couldn't help myself. It felt so nice to have a man pay attention to me. Neither one of us was expecting to fall in love.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was going to leave my husband. I wanted to be with this man forever. Then in April he was tragically killed in a car accident while on a business trip in another state. My entire world crumbled. It takes everything I have to keep it together while at home with my family. I told my husband last month that I was pregnant and since then he has been trying so hard. It's like he was in the beginning of our relationship. He thinks my emotions are just due to have a child so he is being extra attentive and caring and it has been very comforting. I find myself falling back in love with him.

My question for OPP is, do I tell him the child is not his or let him think that it is his? The man I was having an affair with was not married at the time and never had kids. No one will come looking for this baby. I have no idea where his parents are. But I do know my family will love this baby with all their heart and this baby will have a full family to grow up with. I know my husband will never find out on his own. We were so careful and all evidence was thrown away when he died. Will the guilt come back to haunt me down the road? This would just crush my husband. I looked it up and there is a large percentage of men who are raising kids that aren't their own. In one article, most who found out later said they wished they'd never found out. I don't want to tell but at the same time I want to do the right thing. What should I do?

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