On Other People's Problems, a man thinks the woman he had an affair with had his child but didn't tell him. He needs to know what to do.

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Mike & Kate-
First off, I'm glad to be back listening to your show again. I lived out of state for the last 7 years. Second, I can't believe I'm writing you for OPP. I never thought I would but I actually need some direction.
When I lived in Boise 7 years ago I had an affair with a married women. We carried on the affair for about a year and then suddenly she just cut it off. She told me she couldn't take the guilt anymore and then just shut me out. She blocked my calls and text and that was it. I didn't push it because we never had any intention of being together forever and her ending her marriage. When a job out of state came up, I took it to get away from her and the affair.
Now I'm back and out of curiosity I decided to look her up on Facebook. I never felt any desire to keep up with her since I had moved away. Out of mind out of sight. When I pulled up her page I found out she now has a son. As I'm looking through the photos, I can't help but notice how much her son looks like me. I start looking through all her Facebook photos and timeline. Her son was born 9 months after she ended our affair! Could this be my child? Is this why she ended our affair because she found out she was pregnant? Does her husband think this child is his? The timing is just too close and this boy looks more like me than her husband.
Do you think I should contact her and ask? She doesn't have to be honest with me but I would like to know if I have a son. If she won't talk to me, should I involve her husband? If this is my son, I want to be involved. I want to know my son. If this does happen to be my child, I am going to be so mad that is was kept from me for 7 years. I had a right to know. On the flip side, if this child is not mine, I would feel awful for disrupting their life and reveling our secret, when it didn't need to be shared.
How do you think I should proceed from here?