A man wants to divorce his wife. He is miserable in his marriage and wants to get out but there is one thing holding him back.

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I've been married for 18 years. We have 3 teenage children and I want a divorce. I've been miserable for the last 7 years. I haven't left of the sack of my children. I thought a two parent household would be best.
The reason I want to leave my wife is because she is depressed and refuses to get help. She will go days without getting out bed and then when she is awake she is so mean. She yells at everyone. It's the strangest thing. From someone who is so sad that she can't get up to screaming and yelling and very angry.
For a while I would try and avoid the house as much as I could but that wasn't fair to my kids. Thank goodness they're all involved in extra curricular activities. They have games and practice most nights year round and I go to all the games. In the summer I take the kids camping as much as I can.
I've come to realize though this is no way to live. I hate being in my own home. I don't have a life partner. She basically terrorizes everyone or is sleeping for days on end.
I have tried to get her help over the years. Our family doctor knows the situation. She won't stay on anti-depresents. She needs to be hospitalized. We don't have any family in the area so I am handling this by myself. She has no friends.
I'm at my wits end and have finally decided I can't wait until my youngest graduates. I want a divorce. I want to move on with my life, with my children of course. I can't go another 5 years. I worry though that my wife is going to commit suicide. She has threatened it before. She attempted it 12 years ago and was hospitalized. My kids has been traumatized long enough, I don't want to put them through the death of their mother. Yes, she really is that bad. But I can't imagine staying in this house one more minute. On the flip side, the guilt of pushing her over the edge would haunt me forever. And I don't want my children to lose their mother.
I know this sounds drastic but this situation really is to that point.
Any advice would be very helpful.

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