On Other People's Problems, a woman is concerned that her boyfriend's trainer at the gym is a woman. Is the training going too far or is she overreacting?

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Mike & Kate-
I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. We live together. I'm 30 and he's 35. In the last 6 months he has really got into working out. He started just going to the gym and now that he has lost weight he has decided to start getting into weight lifting competitions. He got a trainer to help him. The problem is, he got a female trainer. At first this didn't bother me but now it's just too much. He trains every day with her after work and on Saturday mornings. No more date nights. All he thinks and talks about is weight lifting and "my trainer said this and my trainer said that..." And then when he is home, he is texting her all the time. As we're laying in bed at night he is texting her claiming that he is reporting to her what he ate that day. Why can't he just fill out a food journal and show that to her the next day at their session. I work out at the same gym and usually go in the mornings but sometimes I work out after work too. I see them in the weight room and she is a little too close for comfort for me. When she spots him on squats she is literally pressing up against his back. She wears barely any clothes. The final straw came when he stopped going to Oklahoma with me. He said his trainer told him to save his energy for his workouts. So the only time we're getting busy is on his day off from lifting. He has a big competition right after the New Year. He claims I'm not being supportive of his goals. He says all this is normal for training and would be the exact same if he had a guy trainer.

My first problem is how can a five foot tall, 100 pound woman be a good weight lifting trainer? Why wouldn't he want a guy who has been in these competitions training him? And don't call me insecure or jealous. I know for a fact I'm not the only woman who would have a problem with a woman training her man. I need some advice. How do I handle this? Do I wait until after the competition to bring it up? How can find out for sure if this situation is not right?

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