This is a first for Other People's Problems. We have a teenager who needs help with a parent. Does this kid have a right to be upset? Is there a way to fix the parent problem?

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Other People's Problems March 25, 2014

Mike and Kate, I know I'm kid but I listen to your show all the time. I'm hoping you can help me. I have an OPP issue. I am 15 and my mom is 35. I am the oldest of 3. My brother is 12 and my sister is 11. My parents got divorced 4 years ago. They got married when my mom was 19 and my dad was 21. My mom has always been a mom. She stayed at home with us kids. But things changed after the divorce. She got a job as a receptionist. But that is not the biggest change. She dresses like she is 21. And not just any 21 yr old. It’s very revealing. Lots of cleavage. Everything is tight. High heels always. Short skirts even in the middle of winter. Tons of makeup. Hair extensions. Eyelash extensions. All of it. The reason I need help is because it’s embarrassing to have her come to school. I play sports and she is always showing up to my games dressed completely inappropriate. I can hear people whisper when she walks into the gym. I know the other mom’s hate her and the dad’s gawk. Her flirting doesn’t help either. She is always coming to some dad in the stands. The boys at my school are always telling me my mom is a MILF. I know I shouldn’t complain that my mom comes out to support me. I’m not. But she is getting all the wrong attention. I just want her to be the mom she was when she was married to my dad. It’s so embarrassing to have her come to school like this. Even teacher conferences she dressed like she was going to a bar. I have tried to talk to her and tell her to tone it down but she just tells me that if I am ever a single mom in my mid 30s then I will understand that you have to use every asset you have. I don’t have any adults that can talk to her for me and let her know that she is humiliating her kids. My aunt is just as bad. She is 29 and my mom’s partner in crime. They go out all the time. My dad and her don’t talk and my grandparents don’t live here so I am not sure how much help they would be. Any ideas on how to get my mom to act her age or do I just need to suck up the humiliation until I graduate and move out?