So maybe you were in a relationship that lasted 15 years and it ended in 2013, and now you've decided to pursue the big uncertain world of online dating!  (And by you I mean me.  :-D)  Is it just me, or does this internet dating thing present some challenges? What should we expect?

I've noticed a few so-called dating experts on TV recently talking about the merits of online dating, and they've all commented about how January is a hot month for online dating and that there are more people then ever looking for love on the internet.  Cool! Thanks holiday breakups, for all the new profiles!

A Pew Research study also says Americans are more accepting than ever of online dating, which makes it easier to connect with someone in a different profession or geographic area.  And I must say, it's pretty awesome getting to see someone's background and having an idea of whether or not you're compatible, before committing to dinner and drinks!

I do find myself feeling kinda superficial though, scrolling through pictures and saying "no, no, no, yes, no, yes, yes" based on looks and just a few brief facts.  What if I saw that person at the grocery store and he wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but we connected instantly after he made me laugh hysterically over pineapple and tomatoes in the produce section, and we went on to live happily ever after?  Perhaps I shouldn't be so quick to judge by the pic and profile. Hmm.

I hear the type of picture that gets the most attention is the full body shot indoors....because apparently people think if you post too many head shots you're hiding a big butt or something.  I'm not sure why the indoor shots are the most attention-grabbing, but that's what the experts say so I'll go with it.  I'll take a new pic this afternoon.

We're talking about online dating on Facebook this afternoon.  If you have tips and tricks and success stories, do tell!