This may explain a lot, and it may be why Grandma rocks the polyester capris and flowery blouses so well.  (My grandma calls capris "coolots" which kinda does make them sound cooler.)

I read today that elderly people are the most confident in their appearance, and at ease with their looks.  Go Grandma!

A new Gallup poll says two-thirds of adults 65 and older are satisfied with the way they look.  Is it that they never have a bad-hair-feeling-fat day, or do they just not care? Perhaps it's the latter, and good for them!  I suddenly can't wait to be 65.

So while we spend hundreds of dollars on anti-aging creams and botox and all sorts of cutting edge inventions trying to look younger, maybe we should just give up and make it a goal to hurry up and get gray and wrinkley.  Just know that full confidence is coming!