I live in a neighborhood that has strict H.O.A. rules.  I have received letters warning that my garbage cans were left out 12 hours too long, or I had too many dandelions in my yard, but it's  perfectly fine for a neighbor to have a big fat pig in their front yard? My neighborhood HOA allows cats, dogs and for some reason horses.....but nothing else...no chickens, goats and definitely no pigs....but low and behold, there it was on my way home the other day...what to my wondering eyes did appear....a big huge fat potbelly pig....it wasn't a cute little baby pig.....it had to be well over 200 pounds.  The only thing I could figure out after receiving all my warning letters is that maybe the HOA president lived at this house or something.....I don't begrudge anyone owning a pet, but if I'm going to get slammed for garbage cans or a spare dandelion


or two.....then enforce the rules on everyone!