This is the week of love but not all love is kisses and hugs. There are some wack-Os out there who don't understand the fine line between love and obsession.

Scott Griessel

On plane back from Vegas I was reading the latest edition of Cosmo and found an article in it that just shocked me. It was about obsessive love. People who just don't understand that maybe it wasn't meant to be. The people in this article sound like normal human beings and then suddenly a switch flips and they are crazy for Coo-Coo Puffs! That is the scary part. You think you are dating someone normal and then suddenly they start sending you 100 texts in one day. Yikes. Run! And that only makes them want you more. One woman admitted to creating a fake Facebook account so she could friend her exes new girlfriend. Then she spent hours stalking her wall and pictures to see what they were up to. That is so creepy! The sad part is we all know someone like this though. I have a "friend" who is a big fan of the drive bye. Seriously...we graduated years ago and the drive bye should have stayed in high school!

Whether it happened to you, a "friend" or you at one time confused love for obsession, let's hear it. Maybe it will open the eyes of a future stage 5 clinger and real them back to earth.

~Happy Valentine's Day~