Normally on the weekends I clean the house, pick up after my pet's & anything else I've been putting off. Like giving Zeke a bath, he's super dirty from the yard/mud pit in my backyard. It's so muddy that every time Zeke comes back inside, he gets a full wipe down. And if I'm lucky he hasn't rolled in the mud! So now it's bath time.

Stephanie Kay Photo


Two hours later!! Seriously it took that long to bathe him & then clean up after him. Getting him into the  bathroom was easy, but I couldn't coax him into the tube. I had to pick him up & put him in. If any of you have ever given a big dog a bath you understand the difficulty you may face.

Like how he sadly buried his face in my thighs while I was turning the water on. As cute as it was it didn't help, he was pushing against me. So I ended up half squatting while hunched over him rinsing him down. Which lasted the entire rinse and most of soaping, about twenty-five minutes.

I finally went down to my knees and he buried his face in my chest and drenched me in water. I scrubbed him a little bit longer to make sure I didn't miss a spot and I think that's when he realized "hey this is kinda nice". He  just relaxed and was a champ!

Until I turned the water back one to rinse the shampoo off. He got his front two legs out of the tub. I got him back in and rinsed. As I was shutting the water off, with one hand on him, he pushed past me and jumped out of the tub taking most of the water with him. And then of course he had to shake...

He shook three times in the bathroom and luckily I had a towel over him for the last two shakes. But there was water everywhere and the three towels I brought into the bathroom were soaked. Which means I have to get more and I have to open the door. Right when I opened the door he rushed out into my bedroom & shook two more times. I got another towel on him rubbed him down and wrapped him up in an old robe.

So the bath was only about 45 minutes, but cleaning took the longest. Least to say next time I'm taking him to a professional!