The 2016 Boise Parade of Homes is going on now through May 15th in Boise. My wife and I have been discussing updating our kitchen for a few years now. The Parade of Homes is always a great place for ideas and I am shocked and pleasantly surprised at some of the newest trends in kitchens and kitchen remodeling.

Things like colors. White, off white,cream and now light grey are the newest must have  colors for kitchens.  Wood, and darker colors are out. Unless it's on the floor.  There are also some very cool storage ideas, with the idea of maximizing storage space with hidden storage areas being a new trend. Think about drawers inside of closets or cabinets and hidden doggie dishes underneath cabinets.

Automation is also a new trend. (Think on/off touch faucets, built in docking and charging stations or built in coffee and espresso bars)


Now if only we had as much money as our imaginations would allow, I would have the coolest kitchen in the entire state of Idaho.