My wife,Tracy is pretty good at figuring out Rubik's Cube.  Usually she can finish in under a minute.  But she can't come close to the guy who just set the new world record for fastest time solving Rubik's CubeA teenager at a competition in Pennsylvania broke the world record on Saturday by solving a Rubik's Cube in 5.25 seconds.  Yes, Under 6 seconds!  I can't solve it in under 6 months and this kid did it in 5.25 seconds.  The old record by the way was 5.55 seconds.  WTH?

The kids who were there at the competition are VERY into the whole Rubik's Cube scene, so they went nuts.

Now if that still doesn't impress you, how about this guy who solved the puzzle while blindfolded in 42 seconds.  I have a hard time figuring which key on my key ring opens my front door in 42 seconds.