Before now, Bridezillas got all the attention for being over the top and demanding with the wedding details, and now the opposite side of the wedding coin has emerged.

Bridechillas don't give a hoot!  

Bridechillas are laid back, don't care about colors and dresses, and just want to get hitched already.  This seems like kind of a great attitude because it takes the stress right out of the planning, but a Bridechilla is almost laid back to a fault.

The amount of the hoot that she doesn't give, is so big that it ends up stressing everyone else out.  Wedding planners need decisions on shoes and flowers, and the Bridechilla doesn't care SO much that she has trouble making up her mind.  Not wanting to burden the wedding party with demands actually ends up adding a burden, because the tough decisions are out there in limbo, according to the Huffington Post.

I'm a single lady again, but I think if I get married again I'll just elope, and then have a big blowout party when we get back.  But if I did plan a wedding, I would hope I'd be somewhere between "zilla" and "chilla."  Balance is key right?

For your own wedding, is there anything you would do over?  We can all learn from and be inspired by your stories.  Do tell on Facecbook.