I was invited to the Wine Makers Dinner at Crossings Winery Saturday night. Lots of changes have been made since I was there last time. Check out all the fun I had!

If you're like me and thinking, "wait, I've been to Carmela Winery in Glenn's Ferry," let me tell you, Crossings Winery is a whole new experience! The family that owned Carmela Winery still owns it but they have rebranded, brought in a new wine maker and created a very fun vibe.

At Crossings Winery, you can of course wine taste. I love the Semillon, The Blue Noir and Bubbles. Those all came home with me! Dine on amazing food. The wine makers dinner happens 6 times a year and I highly recommend this special dinner and wine tasting in the barrel room. Sunday brunch overlooking the winery while sipping mimosas and indulging in an all you can eat buffet was a great start to the day! And then of course there is 9 hole golf course that wraps around the winery that sits on the Snake River. We stayed that at the River Ranch Retreat that is just pure heaven! What a perfect weekend and it was only an hour from Boise! Take this mini road trip, you'll thank me!