I love Craigslist's Missed Connections! Now, I have my very own and I'm determined to make a connection!

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I am flattered that one of our 12 listeners decided to skip right past Missed Connections on Craigslist and come to me for help in making a match. This is a huge responsibiilty for me! I am in charge of a possible love connection. I have the power to possible put two people together who could go on a date and then get married and then have 2.5 kids! This is massive and I take on the challenge of finding this person and making a connection for our listener.

If you are the woman this man is referring to in the email below then please contact me at mikeandkate@mix106radio.com and I will put you in touch with the man who could possibly be your "happily ever after" (no pressure!)

I know how much you like Craigs list missed connections, but I thought I'd bypass them and go straight to you. I was at the James Durbin concert last night and ended up staying for the dueling pianos, which was awesome! Well, she was at a table a few tables away from me. Eventuality the rest of her group left. I offered her a seat at my table and she accepted. We chatted a little while enjoying the show. As she was leaving, her mom had shown up to pick her up, we exchanged names but that was it. I'd like to get to know her better. I'm hoping she will be listening. Thanks again, and the concert was Great!