My golden birthday is coming up on the 26th and I have no idea what to do! That's in 12 days!

If you do not know what your golden birthday is, it's when you turn the age of the date your birthday is on. For example, I'm turning 26 on the 26th. I have absolutely no idea what to do.

Seriously, I've had a year to decide on this and I can't think of anything that will live up to my Golden Birthday expectations. I was thinking of going to McCall, going snowboarding and maybe to some hot springs, but I don't know if that's exciting enough. Or I could do that during the week since my b-day's on a Wednesday and then have a party on Friday or Saturday in Btown with my friends & family. But I just don't know!

In the past for my birthday my friends and I would play Wizard. And I would love to do that, but I would have to find a place to play since my house isn't really big enough. So there's adding that to my dilemma. It would be exciting because I have yet to become a Wizard, it eludes me every year.

If you have a better idea or know what I should do for my birthday, let me know on the MIX 106 Radio Facebook page;