You know my love of food, and my Idea that I came up with many years ago:  food on a stick.

I'm not talking about a corn dog.  I'm talking about some way of getting all food on a stick.  Like spaghetti and meatballs, scrambled eggs and bacon, etc.  I also had a dream about inventing spray peanut butter, in a can (like spray cheese).  But I have to say, the idea that these two people came up with is totally genius, and I am jealous.


Cake in a can...spray cake. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

If you like cake, like my partner Kate, then you know it takes over an hour to get the ingredients together and make, then bake a great cake.

Two Harvard students just invented cake batter that comes in a spray can, like Cheez Whiz.  You spray it in a pan and because it comes per-raised, you can through it in a microwave and cook a finished cake in just 60 seconds.  60 SECONDS!

They did it for a class project.  Their names are Brooke Nowakowski and John McCallum.   They're looking for a manufacturer and marketing it under the name "Spray Cake."

Which is a coincidence, because I also am looking for a manufacturer to market and sell my idea for food on a stick too.  Just get a hold of me through the radio station.