I'm in a wedding TODAY & the dress I order for my bridesmaid dress is way too small. That's what I get for buying a dress online & from another country..Of course I completely panicked! But then the bride told me she was taking her wedding dress & her mother was having a dress made at Sandi's Stitches in Garden City. Being terrified that they weren't going to have time or it was going to be really expensive I reluctantly called Sandi's Stitches.

They had time available whenever I was available so I made an appointment. They made me feel super comfortable in a very stressful situation. I tried the dress on & she starts pointing out flaws that I didn't even notice. And of course gave me a little grief about ordering a dress online (which was well deserved). We chatted & she said she'd take care of it. So I went back to work feeling like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Immediately unstressed I went back to planning the Bachelorette Party. Then this passed Tuesday I get a call that the dress is ready to be fitted. I made an appointment to get in immediately. When I arrived I thought I walked in on another appointment but nope, Sandi was just chatting with her daughter. All the while I'm coming apart a the seams worrying about the dress. I try it on & it looks a little snug around the chest, Sandi says she gonna need more room. I say "No no just let me adjust my chest" and then magically the dress fit perfectly! We all got a good laugh about big boobs problems & I was sent on my way.

I've never been to seamstress before & this entire experience makes me want to get more cloths fitted for me. I have the dress it now fits like it was made for me because Sandi came to my rescue.