I grew up on a cattle and pig ranch and there was one thing we were all taught at a young age. NEVER EVER get between a cow and her calf or a pig and her piglets.  Mom's will do anything to protect their young, and this video is proof.

It's weird to say a bunny is scary, but this is not survival of the fittest, it's survival of the scariest.

We've all heard the saying mad as a momma bear protecting her cubs.  Well, that saying doesn't do this video justice, because everything and everyone is pretty much afraid of a bear, even humans.  But who is afraid of a cute little bunny?  Carrots and vegetables, that's all that I can think that would be scared of a cute little bunny.  But one thing that should have been more scared of a bunny is this snake.  A snake that thought a baby bunny would make a quick easy snack.  But the snake hadn't prepared for the wrath of momma.  Not only does she protect her baby, but she continues to attack the snake and drive it completely out of the area.  I think she did it just to embarrass the snake so he wouldn't ever try it again, but that's just me.