Feedback after the release of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ movie trailer has not been great. Some say the actors aren’t right and others think the whole movie is unnecessary. Say what you will but this has sparked some hilarious reviews.  This woman lets it all out. She gets us.

Literally, every second is documented and starts off with a bang.

I thought it was all serious until I got to this part. There are moments during this review where I believe she was living inside my  head.


0:11-0:21: An apparent Fembot tells Ana Steele, "Mr. Grey will see you now" and escorts her into his office.

Somehow, they found someone more wooden than, well, Steele to do this. Someone give this casting director a bonus.


0:22-0:24: Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey stares out a window.


And probably contemplates jumping.


0:25-0:39: Ana Steele looks around nervously as Christian Grey walks around the office, and she talks about how polite and intimidating he is.


Because when you're a college graduate who doesn't know how to use a computer, a billionaire should intimidate you. Because you're basic.



Let's give this woman a round of applause. She NAILED it! See the entire breakdown HERE.