We've been talking about it for awhile now, but Miss Idaho's inspirational story is starting to make national headlines now.

The need for insulin for diabetic patients doesn't take time off for beauty pageants, and for Miss Idaho that meant wearing the insulin pump on her bikini during the swimsuit competition. Sierra Sandison talked to E! News about what inspired her to wear it in front of the cameras.

Sandison said some people thought it was a cell phone strapped to her bikini line, but that was actually an insulin pump keeping her blood sugar regulated during the pageant, and at the same time inspiring other people with diabetes to be who they are and go for their dreams no matter what.

Nicole Johnson, who was Miss America in 1999, also wore an insulin pump on her bikini during the competition, and inspired Sandison to do the same thing.

And here's an awesome quote!  Sandison told E!, ""I don't think we can escape what the media describes as beauty, but I'd like to contribute to the diversity of beauty in the media."

And you did!  Thanks for making us proud, Sierra!