Love her or hate her, you know Miley will not hold back this weekend on Saturday Night Live.  It's her third time hosting and it may be the wildest appearance yet.

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Most bloggers, magazines, and gossip columnists seem to agree that Miley will poke fun at herself a lot this weekend, wear costumes that we'd never get away with at work to say the least, and stick her tongue out sometimes.  And everyone will be talking about it on Sunday morning.

I have to admit, when Miley is on TV I stop in my tracks and get sucked right in.  It's kinda like a car accident or a grass fire.  You want to stop and help, but you don't know what to do and you just hope everyone is okay when it's all over.  The DVR is set for Saturday.

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The Boise State Broncos are playing Hawaii at home on Saturday night on ESPN2 if you want to flip between Brett Rypien and Miley Cyrus.  We'll see who commits more personal fouls.