I've had a goatee for quite a while, like maybe 10 to 12 years now.  My wife likes the way it looks, so hello, anything that makes me more attractive I'm game for to balance out all my other negatives.  Check out my pics from the month and a video on what not to do to get rid of your Movember mustache.

But I have never had just a mustache, except for earlier this year for a movie roll when I shaved my goatee into a foo-Manchu.  This year Mix 106 with the help of Larry Gebert from KTVB Channel 7 presented the Larry Gebert mustache growing contest for Movember.

Since Kate has trouble growing a mustache, thanks to Ideal Image, it was left up to me to look creepy for the month of November.

My wife saw it for the first time when she came home from a business trip and asked, "What the hell did you do to your face?"

Don't forget if you haven't voted for the best Larry Gebert mustache yet, please do it before the voting ends.  And you can even send me a message letting me know if my creepy pornstache looks better than any of those.



Mike Kasper, Townsquare Media








Mike Kasper, Townsquare Media








Mike Kasper, Townsquare Media







What I look like with my goatee

Mike Kasper, Townsquare Media










This is what not to do to get rid of your creepy mustache