Christmas isn't really Christmas to me unless I have a crackling fireplace, and since I don't have one in my home, every year, I have a fake Yule Log Fireplace that I watch while opening gifts. I've done the work for you by finding my favorites for you to choose from this year. Enjoy

For some people, nothing says the Holidays, like a roaring fire and your family fighting.  So this year if you can't be around family for the holidays, just put this video on and you will feel right at home.

If you like your fire roaring with crackling sounds and NO Christmas music, this is for you....


Here's my personal favorite, a Yule Log video that features Nick Offerman sitting in his chair drinking scotch. We found this at a party that the host put on a loop on his TV during the party and everyone loved it...Enjoy


Here's a crackling holiday fireplace with classic instrumental Christmas music

For the dog and cat lover....a roaring fireplace with Christmas music and the magic of watching a dog and cat scratch and sniff themselves..